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The need for intensive interdisciplinary engagement with the "digital transformation", its possibilities and consequences, is beyond doubt. In almost all areas of life, human activities and processes are being shifted into virtual spaces. The availability of enormous amounts of data of all kinds, the mapping of human culture in binary formalisations, and the use of data in the most diverse ways are leading to far-reaching changes in our social and individual lives. The research network HFDT aims to accompany the digital transformation scientifically from an inter- and transdisciplinary perspective, to align it with European fundamental values and rights and to interweave it with the rich European cultural heritage.

The research network Human Factor in Digital Transformation designs and organises various event formats to facilitate an exchange on the topic of the digital transformation of society.

For this purpose, HFDT Brown-Bag Forums take place four times per semester, in which the respective topic can be discussed after a keynote speech, HFDT Lectures and the annual HFDT Symposium.

You can find an insight into the formats, planned and already held events under the respective pages.




Netzwerk - Human Factor in Digital Transformation

Univ.-Prof. Dr. phil.

Kathrin Marie Otrel-Cass


Institute of Education Research and Teacher Education

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