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HFDT Brown-Bag Forums

The research network Human Factor in Digital Transformation (HFDT) invites to the HFDT Brown-Bag Forum four times per semester. This is an open forum for all researchers at the University of Graz to discuss ideas and scientific problems related to the digital transformation of society.

Scientists at all career stages (students, doctoral candidates, post-docs and post-doctoral researchers) are invited to join in the discussion at the monthly Brown-Bag Forum and also to submit their own suggestions for topics for discussion (via e-mail to hfdt@uni-graz.at).


Previous events

20.06.2022 Dietrich Albert: Psychological Aspects of Behavioral Change in the Context of Digital Transformation: Learning, Knowledge, Competences, Skills, and Actions

Astrid Reichel und Christina Fuchs: Effective communication for relational coordination in remote work. How job design shapes user-technology-interactions

27.04.2022 Christina Malin: Die Verwendung von KI bei Personalentscheidungen
28.03.2022 Marie Kapeller: Responses to threat- and solution-oriented online climate news: A system perspective
16.03.2022 Laura Zilian: Digital competences mismatch in the Austrian labour force – A model of unemployment responses


Digitale Technik im Büro: Arbeit, Macht und Geschlechterverhältnisse seit den 1970er Jahren
Christiane Berth

12.11.2021 In the AI of the beholder! A qualitative study of HR professionals' beliefs about AI
Christine Malin


"AI from 0 to 1"
Jelena Rubesa-Zrim


„Documenting the digital transformation in museums: contemporary collecting and born-digital heritage“
Chiara Zuanni


"Digitalisierung in der Pflege: Umstellung zwischen Partizipation und Top-Down"
Johanna Muckenhuber
23.03.2021 Counteracting Fake News (COFANE): Rethinking digital competencies for the educational future“
Michael Fasching 
29.01.2021 „Automatic Reflections Prompts in E-Learning"
Viktoria Pammer-Schindler.

„Religion und Digitalisierung. Religionswissenschaftliche Perspektiven"
Franz Winter


„Zeitsoziologische Perspektiven auf die digitale 24/7 Gesellschaft"
Martin Griesbacher

23.06.2020 „Neue (Un-)Gleichheiten, neue (Un-)Sicherheiten, neue (Un-)Sichtbarkeiten in der digitalen Stadt"
Anke Strüver
27.05.2020 „Corona-bedingten Maßnahmen des Rektorats"
Petra Schaper-Rinkel

„New Big Data-based Methods in Economics"
Jörn Kleinert

12.12.2019 First HFDT Brown-Bag Forum about Die Digitale Transformation in der Arbeit mit dem kulturellen Erbe"
Georg Vogeler

Netzwerk - Human Factor in Digital Transformation

Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil

Manfred Füllsack


Merangasse 18/I
A-8010 Graz

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